A kibana Kibana 6.0.0-alpha2 question (always show status: RED)

Hello everyone, I firstly try to use kibana development version. Now I meet a problem in the process of "npm start".

the browser on website of kibana always show STATUS: RED like this:

the esvm have started, I can monitor it by head :

the "kibana.dev.yml" is here:

this is run up log:

so what is the problem? Thank you a lot for your answer. I am appreciated!

May be the problem result from my system configure which is not suitable?

what is the version of kibana and the OS ?

Are you certain you're accessing the correct Kibana instance on port 5603? According to the console output you included it connected to Elasticsearch just fine.

Kibana 6.0.0-alpha2 and Centos 6.8

I access the 5603, the result show isn't a safety site. just these.

Your first screen shot shows 5601 as the port, and the second shows that all the three are ready. Have you changed the port from 5601 to 5603?

Thank you for your help, I do that. I's work now. The reasion is about browser setting.

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