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what should I do?

elasticsearch.yml add content :slight_smile:
action.auto.create.index: .security,.watcher, .watcher-histroy* ,why kibana display below info

Oh no!

It looks like your Elasticsearch cluster's action.auto_create_index setting is preventing Kibana from automatically creating an index to store saved objects. Kibana uses this Elasticsearch feature because it is the best way to make sure that the saved object index uses the correct mappings/schema, and it allows Kibana to poll Elasticsearch less often.

Unfortunately, until this issue is fixed you won't be able to save anything in Kibana.
Ok, how do I fix this?

Remove action.auto_create_index: false from your Elasticsearch configuration file
Restart elasticsearch.
Use the browser's back button to return to what you were doing.

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I answered this in this thread.

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