About Key In Elastic Search

Good morning I have read some articles about Installing Elastic Search because I am new with this tool and when I am installing this software because I am doing step by step for example i am trying putting the url for public key that is described

and I cannot install this key because it tells wget:missing URL

Can you explain me,why occurs this problem?

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Check out https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/7.8/setup.html instead, it's much more recent.

Dear Mark Walkom thanks for your help but the problem is that I live in Cuba and there some pages that are blocked for my country,yesterday I could understand why is the problem because I can not downloand for example elasticsearch installer and I can not access to the key,I am learning how to install step by step this technology but I think that I have to be conformed to learn another functions to work in this interesting tool like as rhe Dashboards and the information that I can get to analize when I see the different contents in this panel.However,I will read about KQL Language to identify how to do querys to obtain an specific result and afterwards I will ask doubts that I could have,thanks for your answer,greetings from Cuba

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