About the _all field and full-text search

(terrasacer) #1

Hi guys,

You know, _all field is deprecated. I wonder, how is still full-text search provide by ElasticSearch? The _all field was providing full-text search.

Is this not that right?

(David Pilato) #2

We don't need anymore to index a fake _all field to provide the same feature.

(terrasacer) #3

Ok, I understand but how?

Any different field, maybe _source?

(David Pilato) #4

IIRC it's similar to running a multisearch query on all indexed fields but booleans.

(terrasacer) #5

Thanks @dadoonet for your answers.

In this case, why I need to enable _all field?

Why do I use custom field?

(David Pilato) #6

Who told you that you must enable _all field?

(terrasacer) #7

No, I know, it's not mandatory. I mean that there is no valid reason for using the field if I do understand correctly. Similarly custom all field, there is no valid reason for using it. What's provide custom all field when I use it? In which situations, why should I use it?

(David Pilato) #8

It's deprecated. Just don't use it.

(system) #9

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