Access after classroom course completion?

(Paul) #1

Is it possible to access the training materials (Lab data + guides and PDF) after the completion of the Engineering 2 classroom course ?

Is there a time limit ?

(Dominic Page) #2

Hi Paul, we can best respond to this query through Training Operations, I'll pass this on to them.


(Pablo Musa) #3

Yes you can. It is available under the completed tab. It will be available for 3 months.


(Paul) #4

I go to to training -> Dashboard -> Completed, click on the EE 2 panel but there is nothing available for download there ?

(Rich Raposa) #5

The materials are only available for download 3 months after the course. It looks like your 3 month window has passed. If you have any special considerations, please send an email to

(Paul) #6

The course was 26th/27th of September (Dublin) so assuming 3 calendar months, the materials should be available for download ?

I have already emailed without satisfaction, hence this thread.

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