Access Elastic via .NET

Hi everyone

I need to query our elastic search and pull some data from it.
I read about about couple of ways to to it. What I tried so far is to Use NEST to query elastic:
var response = client.Get(10, idx => idx.Index("graylog_*"));
var searchResponse = client.Search(s => s
.Query(q => q
.Match(m => m
.Field(f => f.AccountName)
.Query("SOME USER")
But the result are empty all the time
if I query another field (instead of AccountName )like source (source of computer name)
I get result.
I created a class for the data (and from the properties are from there) :

Thanks for help!

Hello Amit

I made some examples of queries on github using NEST in .net core, take a look there if it helps:

I believe you can use MatchPhrasePrefix

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