New to NEST


For awhile we've been viewing data through Kibana. And recently we've thought about moving away from Kibana. So we want to learn how to use elastic search through NEST (C#).

    var node = new Uri("localhost");
    var settings = new ConnectionSettings(node);
    var client = new ElasticClient(settings);

    var search = client.Search<dynamic>(s => s.Query(q => q));




I'd like to do the basics so far. Like for example receive a count of how many times a certain field has been logged in the past day. Or receive the sum of multiple fields... I'm not to sure where to begin.

Great that you'd like to get started with NEST :slight_smile: Here are some recommended resources to get started:

  1. The Elasticsearch.Net and NEST website documentation. Choose the version that corresponds to the version of NEST and Elasticsearch that you're using.
  2. The Elasticsearch.Net and NEST GitHub repository can be useful to look at if you need to dig deeper into how the client works under the covers.
  3. A Walkthrough tutorial for building out an ASP.NET Core web application that uses NEST and Nuget package data to build a search application for Nuget packages. 5.x-netcore is that starting branch and 5.x-codecomplete-netcore is the completed branch.

The documentation assumes some knowledge with how Elasticsearch works, so the reference guide is also a great resource to understand what APIs are available and how they work. All Elasticsearch APIs are available with both Elasticsearch.Net and NEST.

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