Question about Elasticsearch and

Hello everyone, I am the beginner of the Elasticsearch. I am sorry for not good at English.
I have the question about how to interact Elasticsearch and

I already use to create a website and index the data to Elasticsearch (million data), now I am confused about what to do next, I want to create the function is user presses the search button, it will search for data from the index, but I don't know how to combine the two.

Some example or reference about NEST and Elasticsearch.Net? Thank a lot.

You will be requiring to provision and ElasticSearch cluster. You can setup your own cluster by following the steps mentioned over here.

Once you have provisioned your cluster, you need to develop a mechanism of interacting with the cluster. You can use .NET client library for that or any other if you want. The documentation for .NET client provides examples which you can refer to over here.

Thank to reply. I am already to set up the ElasticSearch cluster and index the data to Elasticsearch.
But I still don't how to use Nest to interacting

Please go over the documentation for .NET ElasticSearch client.

Take a look at the .NET client example walkthrough. It's a fairly long walkthrough of building an ASP.NET core application that uses NEST and Elasticsearch to search through Nuget packages. It touches on a lot of areas that will help you understand how to integrate Elasticsearch with an ASP.NET application.

Thank! This is really useful.

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