Access Elasticsearch through host:9200/es instead of host:9200

Is it possible to configure Elasticsearch to listen on an alternate URL without doing a URL rewrite at the load balancer? I.e., to listen at https://host:9200/es instead of https://host:9200?

My use case (of course) is that I'm going to be running in Kubernetes behind an ingress that's being shared with Kibana and Logstash on different URLs. (/es=Elasticsearch, /beats=Logstash Beats ingress, /=Kibana).

My preference would be to just have Elasticsearch/Logstash listening on the appropriate URLs, rather than have the ingress do a rewrite.

In effect, what I'm looking for is functionality similar to specifying server.basePath for Kibana.

This question was due to a misunderstanding of the functionality of server.basePath. Ended up having to do URL rewrite on everything.

indeed, there is no configuration parameter to URL paths around in Elasticsearch, rewriting on the proxy in front sounds like the best idea.

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