Install Kibana on a personnal server


I'm a new user of Kibana and elasticsearch.
I would like to know if it's possible to have Kibana on my website.
example :

I already have setup users with elastic search so I would like to have them also on this previous page. For example, if I'm not authentified if would be redirected to

Is this possible ?
And, if yes, do I have to download / install / setup something on the server where the website is installed ?

Thank you for your help.


You can absolutely do this! You will want to configure Kibana to run at a specific base path. In your example, that base path would be /kibana. To do that, specify the following in your kibana.yml file:

server.basePath: /kibana

You will also need a reverse-proxy, such as nginx, setup in front of your web server so that you can correctly forward Kibana traffic to the kibana application, and the rest of the traffic to your original website.

Thank you for your response.
I have now another.
The last time I tried to configure elasticsearch.yml, I found out that there were two different files on my computer. The first one in ' C:ProgramData/Elastic/Elesticsearch/config/elasticsearch.yml' and the second one in ' ......./elasticsearch-7.3.0-windows-x86-64/elasticsearch-7.3.0/config/elasticsearch.yml'.
When I modified the second one, nothing changed. I had to change the first one so the modifications could be done. This was for x-pack security feature.
Is there something like this with kibana ? The presence of two almost the same files ?

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