Access to client from a script plugin

I am currently studying different tools for identity resolution in a big amount of data, and I found this one. The only problem is that the main developper stopped at ES 2.4.2, so I am trying to port it to ES 5.2...
In the old version, custom settings are stored in a given index using a reference to the client, provided during the plugin initialization. But this functionality is not in ES 5+ anymore, so I am looking for a way to get a reference to the client from the script plugin.
Is such a thing possible ?

Thank you

It is probably possible but we don't encourage it. We didn't want scripts doing potentially blocking operations while they are running. Ideally, we'd like scripts to be totally idempotent.

I see, thank you for your reply...
So the best practice would be to pass the settings as parameters with each query ?

Depending on the kind of settings we're talking about, yes. Sometimes it makes sense to keep them in the cluster state. That is a thing that plugins can read.

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