Accessing .watcher-history index in Canvas?

Hello, I can't seem to access the .watcher-history index from within Canvas.

Trying to use an ESSQL query such as:

SELECT "result.input.payload.alert.hits.hits"
FROM ".watcher-history"

Just results in the error:

Whoops! Expression failed
Expression failed with the message:
[essql] > Unexpected error from Elasticsearch: [verification_exception] Found 1 problem line 3:6: Unknown index [.watcher-history]

I know I can access this data via a Visualisation, but I'd prefer to do this in Canvas. Is this possible?


I don't think there is an index with such name. I know Watcher indices always have a date/version postfix, like this .watcher-history-7-2018.03.24. Have you tried FROM ".watcher-history*" instead (quotes are important)?


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Yup, that was it! Doh! So ended up with:

SELECT watch_id

FROM ".watcher-history*"

GROUP BY watch_id


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