Active Guests Count

I want to know the count and details of active guests in hotel.
I have check-in time and check-out time. Check-out time is null, if guest is still in the hotel.
I have another column, which says "Status", like, 'checked-in' for guests in hotel, and 'checked-out' for guests that leave. I want to show how many guests were active in hotel at any specific time, also, the details of active guests (like, name, address, phone, etc) in Kibana.
Any suggestions?

Hey there!

If I'm understanding correctly, I'm thinking you could accomplish this with a metric visualization (to show count of all active guests) and a data table visualization to show the details of all active guests.

For each one, when creating the visualization, you could click the "Add filter" button and then choose the check-out time field and set to "does not exist".

This should filter your dataset to only show "active guests" in your visualizations

Thanks Poff!
This makes sense. Although, there's a challenge to this.
We upload data to Elasticsearch on a daily basis. And, we append the data.
So, for example, we have a guest checked-in today. The Status will say "Checked-in". We upload the data into ES, and that's it.
Tomorrow, this guest checks-out. So, we add another row to the existing index with all the columns containing same information, except, 'Status' now says 'Checked-out' and Non-Null value in "Check-out date" column. Note that the first row, with "Status" as 'Checked-in' remains intact. For this one guest, we have 2 rows of data in ES, one without check-out information, and one with check-out info.

Now, we can't use the logic suggested by you, because that would show me all the checked-in guests as "active guests", irrespective of how many of them checked-out, or how many are still checked-in.

Any suggestions to get this done?

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