"Add a filter" button disappear in the dashboard which only have Timelion and Visual Builder

Today, I found a dashboard lost the "Add a filter" button. It disappeared, but the created is shown.

The dashboard have one Top N and three Timelion.

After add a Data Table, it appears again.

The dashboard must have a list type component is the rule to show, I guessed.
But the Timelion is a type need the filter.

My kibana version is 5.5.2

Is it a bug in this version, and fixed in other released?
And I suggest to show this button anyways, without the component adjust. I guess nobody want to show a static page as a dashboard.

Sounds like you are hitting this bug: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/14076

It probably shows back up because you hit 'Edit' to add the Data Table.

Thanks, I expect the next version :grinning:

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