How to add filter-bar in dashboard

hi there

I wonder why I can not add filter-bar Add a filter + in timelion visualizations.
The plots are timelions only in my specific dashboard.

When users use my dashboard, they are not familiar withlucene query.
I teach them to use filters, it is fine for them. Now they are difficult to search. :smiley:

Is there anyway to use Add a filter + in dashboard that only timelion plots

Thank you.

What version of kibana are you using?

version 5.5.2

The reason the filter bar is not displayed is that timelion does not define a Kibana index-pattern. Dashboard uses the list of index-patterns to gather the list of possible fields.

Starting in Kibana 6.3, the Add a filter + button is always present even if no panels define an index-pattern, like if the dashboard contains all timelion panels. In this case, the dashboard uses Kibana's default index-pattern to provide the field list.


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Thank you for reply @Nathan_Reese
As you mentioned I look at kibana ver6.3, yes you're right. I saw it. :slight_smile:

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