Add a filter only for a specific metric of a table

I have a system that returns Valid or Invalid Results from different hosts. In a table visualization, I would like to introduce 2 metrics: the count per host and the count of valid per host.
So I create a Data table, with two metrics count and a bucket aggregation for the field "host".

How can I add the filter on the valadation field for the second metric?
I tried JSON scripts but it didn't work.

Hmm, I looked and I can't think of a good way to get them on the same chart, I know you can have separate charts with data, but I'm at a loss figuring out another way.

Yeah I know, But as it is redundant to have it in different charts, and to save space. I would be nice if we can and filter on metrics directly.
Thank you for your answer.

No worries. Although I think perhaps you can do what your looking for in timelion. Ever use it before?

yeah, i have already tried timelion. The only thing is that I want table not timeseries. The fact is I have almost 50 different hosts data, so in a timeserie graph, it will not be lisible.