Add annotation to TSVB at specific time


I need to add a simple annotation to a time series visual every day at 12:10am. I was thinking of adding a document every day at that time than create a annotation query to look for it. Is there a simpler way?


Hi @butchkelley

I'm not aware of a specify way to do that, Can I ask you if you always have a document at that time? because if you have one you don't have to create a new one and you can add a scripted field that return true or false if the timestamp is 12.10am.
Unfortunately the annotation is only attached to a document

Thanks Marco -

Yes, I do have a specific doc at that time and I was able to get it to work via the following query string:
@timestamp:[now-0d/d+4h TO now-1d/d+5h-40m] AND the rest of my filter...


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