Setting a marker at a specific timestamp?



is it possible to set a marker at a specific timestamp?

My usecase is the following.

I have the data in ES to view the performance of my system.
Then I have an event (e.g. database backup) which runs from time x to y. This information is NOT in ES.

Now I would like to visualize my performance and want to place a horizontal marker at start and end of the backup.

Is there any way to realize it without putting the backup timestamps to ES?
kibana or timelion doesn't matter.

I am currently at kibana 5.1.2, but I plan to upgrade in the next month to the most current version.

Thanks, Andreas

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I don't know of a good way to do this in 5.1. If you did add your backup timestamps to ES though, the annotations feature of the new Time Series Visual Builder sounds exactly like what you're looking for.


In the meanwhile I added them manually to ES. Now I visualized the backup events as bars and showed the processing time as line.

I thought inserting them manually is more difficult, but it wasn't :slight_smile:

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