Adding current timestamp marker to "Time Series" in "Visual Builder"

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I am using "Visual Builder" ("Time Series") visualization to plot the data that describes the number of orders (both already handled as well as pre-orders) over time. Since the time scale covers both the past and the near future, it would be very useful to display a marker with current timestamp. However I could not figure out how to do it as there seem to be no such a setting in "Data" nor in "Panel Options". :thinking:

Am I missing something obvious there? If not, would it be possible to generate such a marker through "Annotations"?

Any ideas or suggestions are very much welcome! :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, I don't believe there is currently a way to do this. If you'd like, you can open an enhancement request in our GitHub repo:

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Thank you, @lukas!

I have created the feature request elastic/kibana#26459 and those who are interested in this feature could follow the progress through that GitHub issue.

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