Add ID as one of the columns (index page)

I've set up everything and it's working. However my urls for heartbeat are pretty long (under ID drop down)


-Is there any way to have ID field show up on the main screen as one of the columns?
-Better yet, since ID in my case is long can it only display the last string after / ie "QA.Configuration"


Hi @shanekm, could you please verify which version of the Stack you're running here?

Elasticsearch: number "6.7.0"
Kibana: Kibana 6.7.0 management
Heartbeat 6.7.1

The options available for Uptime in that version of the stack are limited as it was the initial release.

I recommend you upgrade to 7.3.0; you'll be able to specify custom names for your monitors and make it easier to visualize your environment.

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