Need help creating a status panel using Heartbeat data

I am trying to partially recreate the example dashboard shown here:

In particular, I want to create a panel that uses a table, and I want the first column to be an up/down status column. This is the desired look:

What I am getting instead is this

These are the table settings

Use Lens -> Table -> Last Value

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Thanks! That hint helped a lot, as well as realizing I have to set Rows to url.domain.

How do I add the little red/green indicators next to the monitor status, as shown on the Heartbeat monitor example?

I don't think we have markup yet in the Kibana Lens Table Yet...

But with 5 Minutes work you can have it :slight_smile:

First Create a runtime field based on the monitor.status

Here is the code

if (doc['monitor.status'].value == 'up')

Then add it as a metric

And set the colors

And Whullah ... not perfect but pretty close

Slightly Different Version (put space in label)

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Thanks! I think this will do fine for now.

Hi again @stephenb,

Is is possible to add more than one drilldown to a Lens Table?

We have the URLs organized by environment (the typical dev, UAT (test), and production environments). So ideally clicking on certain URLs will take the user to the dev dashboard, clicking other URLs will take the user to the UAT dashboard, and so on.

Yes! But I am not sure how you will filter / direct to the proper env from each row.

You could create 3 drill downs to different URLS but the would be available for every row... there is not if/then logic in the drill downs not sure exactly how to do it.

Maybe you could a different type like the context menu... and just set 3 dev, UAT, Prod etc.

You should play with it.. .let me know what you figure out!!

The drilldowns can use values from your table

Or 3 Links to Dashboards

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