How to make custom graph like Monitors overview

Good afternoon.
I'm trying to create a custom dashboard that among its "widgets" has one like the one shown in the "Uptime" menu with the monitors that are "Up" and those that are "Down".
My intention is to be able to embed this dashboard in a web.
I have tried to create an element of type "Gauge" in the menu "Visualize Library" that shows the monitors that are "Up" and another one that shows the ones that are "Down". For this I have selected in "Panel options" as "Index pattern": "heartbeat-*" and in "Data timerange mode": "Last value", but even though I have tried the different configurations of the "Metrics" tab I can't get satisfactorily the value corresponding to: the number of different monitors (understanding different monitors as those elements with a value different from "monitor. name") with the value of "summary.up" equal to 1 (for the "Gauge" that shows those that are Up) and with the value "sumarry.down" equal to 1, or "summary.up" equal to 0 for the "Gauge" that shows those that are Down.
Could you tell me if it is possible to do what I want to do? If so, how should I configure the different values of both the "Data" and "Panel options" tabs?

The uptime app uses a lot of custom logic that is not shared with other parts of the Kibana UI. The main limitation is that the input data is event-based and you are trying to convert that into entity-centric data. One of your best options is to use transforms to pivot your event-based data into entity-centric data, and then you can easily visualize using the Kibana tools.

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