How i can make a status panel in Kibana?

Most of the dashboard development may use the "status panel" to represent the on/off for service/server/machine. In Grafana , it have two libs:

  1. Status Panel plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs
  2. Stat | Grafana Labs

which may help to make something which
a. display the status
b. color changes based on the value

i do try the following way in Kibana but none of them fulfill my need.
My data set sample (i try to use Boolean , String and Integer to see which one work):
{time:'2022/01/07 11:11:11', serviceName : "ServiceA", isServerOnBoolean : true, isServerOnString : 'On', isServerOnInteger : 1}

  1. Using Metrics visualization
    by using "TopHit" with isServerOnString , i may display the status. But i cannot change the color since Metrics only accept color range based on numeric. If i use "TopHit" with "isServerOnInteger ", i may use the color range. But the metrics will display "ServiceA 1" which is strange..

  2. Using MarkDown in Tsvb
    i would like to use the MarkDown with Handlebar (using If) with Css to "visualize" the effect. But i found that the MarkDown in Tsvb don't support class. So i cannot use class to separate different css.(for example if isServerOnBoolean.TopHit.raw then using css table "on" class).

  3. Vega
    Most of the time when elastic stack expert will told us to have a look on vega when the visualization is not provided. But i cannot find any similar sample on that.

Anyone may have some suggestion for me? In Grafana it is very easy to make it. But in Kibana i found that it is difficult for me.


The color formatter on a string field allows you to specify matching patterns also for strings:

Would that fit your use case?

I agree that we should provide that as a high-level functionality though, I will bring it up with the team.

@flash1293 Is there any issue with a feature request for a visualization like the one shared by the OP?

I had a similar need sometime ago when I was trying to move my monitoring dashboards from Grafana to Kibana and gave up because it was not possible to easily have a visualization like that in Kibana.

Changing only the color of the text does not help as it is pretty common to have this kind of visualization on TVs and a squared filled with color is way easy to see.

If there is an open issue with this feature request I would happily give my input.

Here is a quick proof of concept in Vega. It's incomplete and could use some styling and centering but it might give you an idea how this can be done there.


It's a bunch of different features coming together to make this possible in Lens:

It won't be in 8.1 but this kind of features is exactly what we are targeting at the moment.


Just looked into the issues and they are exactly what I was waiting to be able to do, pretty great!

it look great! thx @aaron-nimocks
i am very new to Vega. So i don't know how to make it. Your POC help me a lot!

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Looking forward for this! Thx @flash1293

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