Color in a field in the dashboard


I would like to know if its possible to display colored fields based on the message.

For ex : If a server down is down, I would get the status as UP or DOWN on the dashboard.

I would like to modify it as

If the server status is DOWN, it should display a red bubble and a green bubble if its UP

Is it possible to do it and if yes, could you please share some information on this ?

What does the data look like that would give the up/down status?

Does it need to be a bubble? There are multiple ways to do this depending on what you need.

Need not be a bubble....

The data looks like below

Hence if the status is UP, instead of UP, i want it to be a green box or something more visual instead of just data....

If it goes down, then the monitoring team can clearly make it out with a RED box...


You can use a data table or saved search to do this for one way.

Basically you make a scripted field that colors the text based on the value. UP would green and DOWN would be red.


Thanks for the information.

However, what I am looking for exactly is not matching this..

I am willing to change the visualization type from data table to something else...

All I need is a red box or a bubble or something more visual which can show that the status is down.

This is needed only for the current data and I am not concerned about history of this field.

If at 10:00 AM server is down, then it should display a red box indicating that it is down and if at 10:10 the server is up, then it should be a green box.

How many of these would need to be displayed? I can show you an example of this in Vega if you would like.

So far, we have 6 visualizations forming a dashboard and out of these, 2 of them have the status data.

I would like those two panels of the dashboard to be more visual and in future i might add additional visualizations to the same dashboard...

Could you please share any example of Vega and how it works...I would go through it and think if I can implement in my scenario...

A simple example in Vega for this. I used a hard coded data set that would need to be swapped and parsed with your index but this should give an example of what is possible if that is what you are looking for.

Hey Aaron,

Yes. THis looks good and exactly what I am looking for...

I am still a newbie to using kibana and elastic...

Could you please let me know how can I integrate this to my data ??

Here is the documentation.

This is not the easiest to learn but once you do you can create any type of visualization you want.

My suggestion would be to load the sample data in Kibana and go view the 3 pre-built Vega visualizations also. Can help you see how it's done.

Thank you....This does not look so straight forward and simple to implement just like that :slightly_smiling_face:

I will try to explore it...Is this the only option...??

Do we have any other easier option to implement ??

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