Set Colors (under certain condition if possible) onto Data Table rows

Hi everyone.

I have a little question about Data table visualisation.
Is there a way to set colors to rows and not leave them white ?
Even better is there a way to have odd row from one color and pair rows an other color ?
Last question is there a way to set a color only to new rows on each update ?

If you don't see what i mean, you can check this post
It gives a good example of what i'm trying to achieve in stage two unfortunately there is no response to his question.

Any help for any of these question would be appreciate.
Thanks by advance !

Out Of Context :
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You can color the value, not the entire row. Or try using vega.

Also can do it with painless

Thanks for your response @AClerk

I've been able to make this vega visualisation

Unfortunately i'm stuck with signals. I have a signal which detects when i click on a recangle and change its value. My problem is that this value is not specific to each one of the row.
Is there a way to make it dependant to the row ?
Thanks by advance

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