Conditional color coding of entire row in Data Tables


I want to change the color of entire row in a Data Table in Kibana depending on the value of one field (cell) in that row.
I am able to change the particular field/cell from index pattern. But I want to know if it
is possible to change the color of the entire row of that cell ??


As in, you'd like to change the color of the text in the table?

If I got that right, no, Kibana doesn't currently offer any way to customize the appearance of text in a data table dyamically, using the value or otherwise.

Other option is you can use field format and assign the color you want for a particular field under management.


Thanks for the reply Rashmi.
So, I understand that we cannot change the color of entire row using the value of any cell in that row.
But we can change color of any particular cell on its value. It can be done by using filed format or index pattern.
Is my understanding correct?

For numeric values you can use this. The Metric visualization has this feature now. In this case I've set ranges and colors are applied to the values;

But I think you might be able to use conditional formatting for strings too. I'll check on that.

Here's an example where I set the conditional formatting of my @tags field so that success is green, and info is blue;

hope this helps, let me know...

This will change the color of the particular cell in the table.
But is it possible to change color of all cells in the row where the cell to which we are applying condition is present??
For Example;


Here, I am changing the color of complete row depending on Dept.
I am aware of changing the color of single string in kibana, but Is it possible to make similar change on complete row of Data table in Kibana?

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