Alternative to Grafana singlestat in Kibana


I am planning to migrate Grafana dashboards to Kibana to leverage new features like container monitoring.

However,singlestat been used in almost every grafana dashboard to display threshold based status.

Please let me know if there is any alternative way to achieve this in Kibana.

I do not have experience with Grafana, but I read the documentation. I think you can do much of the same using a Metric in a TSVB visualization.

There's a fantastic video series on YouTube demonstrating the features of TSVB.

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Thank you Nick.This is really helpful.

Is there any way metric panels can be repeated dynamically ? I mean,I create one metric as a template and can be repeated (with out creating new one ) across several data sets ?

I don't think so, but can you give me a little more information on the data you want to visualize. Maybe you can do this with the Table tab in TSVB since it can show multiple rows with custom color settings.

Sorry for late response.

Basically need to show several application health status as summary and would able to drill down to host level then component level (like filesystem,cpu..etc).

Please find the data format below.

"application": "APP1",
"app_health_metric": 2, #(0,1,2 will be threshold based values )
"status_at": "20191001001005",
"host_details": {
"host_health_metric": 2, #(0,1,2 will be threshold based values )
"component_details": {
"component_name": "esarchive_nfs",
"component_status": 2, #(0,1,2 will be threshold based values )
"component_type": "file_system",
"monitoring_type": "file_system",
"component_value": 49
"host": "hostname1"

What you are asking for sounds similar to this enhancement request for drilldown options for dashboards. It is on our roadmap, but not completed yet.

This also sounds similar to the Infrastructure app within Kibana. I'm not very familiar with that app, so I don't know if that would suit your needs. But you may want to look at it and ask questions over at

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