Repeat Panels based on term query

Hi I'm currently in the process of evaluating kibana to replace our existing grafana dashboard.

Grafana has a nifty feature for using template variables for rows to be repeated. However I can't find something similar for kibana in the current version. I did find templated and scripted dashboards in old documentation. I don't think this is relevant any longer.

Basically I want 5 or six charts that get repeated with different filters so that visual comparision is easy between them, I then want to repeat these charts for every value in a term query.

This is as I've said possible in grafana, and the first step in getting agreement to changing our internal dashboard is to be able to replicate features that are actually in use.

With or without X-Pack is this possible?

For example Imagine I had rows written into elasticsearch that looked like the following.

date: 21-03-16 11:23
farm: Big Orchard Farm
apples_picked: 23
oranges_piced: 55

date: 21-03-16 11:23
farm: Happy Acre Woods
apples_picked: 18
oranges_piced: 5

Where farm is a limited term query. I want to be able to repeat all charts for the farm (ordered by doc count decending)

Does this make sense? Is it possible.

Do you want a single visualization chart that is split by farm, or are you looking more to have dashboards automatically generated per field?

We do have "split chart" in visualizations, so you could do something like this:

But I'm guessing you are looking more towards the later, something like dashboard templates, where the only thing that changes is the filter.

Along those lines, we have some feature requests filed and are actively looking at implementing something like this, but are at the stage of collecting feedback from the community for the best implentation approach that solves most of the use cases.

Would nested dashboards: solve your use case? If you can nest dashboards, you can create one dashboard that contains all the visualizations, then create additional dashboards, dropping only that one nested dashboard, and add a filter for the farm. This way you only have to upkeep one.

Unfortunately this doesn't automate the approach and you'd still have to manually create a dashboard for each farm type (given the example above). We have thought about splitting data on index patterns, perhaps using something like dashboard level index patterns ( but this also wouldn't automate the approach.

I think your use case is very interesting for dashboard templating, perhaps a new feature request is warranted because I don't think the existing ones cover the automated part.

Long story short though, it sounds like we don't currently offer what you are looking for.

Unfortunately I find the split charts very unusable when there are a high amount of terms. I'd also like to be able to repeat groups of charts.

Yes I'm guessing this is more the use case. It can be interesting to try out grafana with template variables as a comparison point for your view.

Kibana is a better tool for finding raw information however.

Its certainly along the way. Especially if it does collapsing. However its not going to be good enough in the longer term.

Do you need me to raise a feature request? How is this done through Github or do you discuss elsewhere first?

Thanks for your honesty and advise both are useful.

Filed - let me know if this covers your use case, and please feel free to comment or clarify anything.

Thanks I think it does.

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