Automating dashboard in kibana

Hello everybody,

I created a dashboard in kibana for a customer (with visualize and Timelion),
please, how can I automate this dashboard for other customers?

all customers have the same files as the first customer.

The dashboard for the first client :

How is your data for other users stored? In a different index? So you wish to use the same dashboard but to display different data? If so, you might be interested in this feature request:

There is a workaround you can do by building visualizations off a shared index pattern prefix, and filtering on the dashboards.

We also have this feature request for nested dashboards so you don't have to build out a new dashboard every time for all your users.

We are interested in use cases for dashboard templating, it's a request that comes up often, so I encourage you to check out those issues and comment to see if they would be helpful, or if not, how we can improve.

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