Is there a way to show RAG status without Canvas?


I need to create a RAG (red, amber green) indicator that is based on the results of a query. If all the metrics are green (using color rules in tsvb), another panel should be green. Can I achieve something like this without Canvas?

The markdown in TSVB doesn't have color rules, could have used that.

Any suggestions/workarounds would be helpful.


You can use a metric visualization to display RAG indicators

Hi Nathan,

Thank you for your response but this not exactly my use case. In metric beat, I can only show one field but multiple fields are breaching the healthy threshold, I want to show red status and clicking on that status I want to go to another dashboard maybe which will show all the fields and the values which breached the threshold.

Do you think it's possible to achieve this in Kibana? Using a custom query maybe.


You can do conditional coloring of an indicator based off a query in Vega and add that visualization into a dashboard.

Is that what you are looking to do?

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