Show colored heading in the Kibana Dashboard


I want to show a heading in my health check dashboard. Color of this heading should be able to change to Green, Yellow and Red depending on the health status. I could not find any straight forward way to create this visualization.

Is this possible in Kibana 7.11.0?

Thanks in advance.

I don't think you can do that with Dashboards. Instead, Canvas is perfectly suited for that kind of requirement.

The closest thing I've figured out for Dashboards is to use the Markdown output for TSVB where you can output text and style backgrounds and texts using CSS.

For example this dashboard shows two TSVB panels that filter the count of records by two values, same as the pie chart below.

Still, there's no logic attached to the values of the output. I'd again recommend to take a look to Canvas.

In fact, depending on your data query you may be able to do this using the Metric output in TSVB that has what is called Color Rules where you can change the background and text color based in the metric value.

In my example I want a ratio between status: OK and status: Error so after switching to the Metric output, in Panel Options I can add the color rules to use 0.5 as my threshold

And in the data use the Filter Ratio metric type for status: OK

And in the options format the number as percent and filter only for documents with any of those values

So now on this dashboard the panel should go to orange if the ratio ever goes below 50%

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