Add links to kibana dashboard panels

(Jan) #1

I have recently build a feature for Kibana 6.1.4, where you can add a dashboard link to the panel header.

When you add a link the panel title becomes clickable and opens the linked dashboard. It's a pretty simple feature, but I think it's more user friendly than storing your links in the markdown visualisation somewhere on the dashboard (like: you want more infomation to the visualized data? Just click the title and get to the details dashboard).

I was thinking about making a pull request to get this little function into the master branch of kibana, but first I wanted to ask here if there are any other people who want this function in kibana?

(Jen Huang) #2

I recommend going ahead and opening a pull request for this, that will get you more feedback:

Discussions about features/contributions primarily happen through Github. The Discuss forums here are for seeking help with the platform - and it sounds like you are more than up and running with this new feature!

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