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I am monitoring several logs from varying applications using Elastic Search 5 and Kibana 5.4.6.

One of the issues we run into is combining data from our varying app dashboards. We've seen that too many visualizations on one page is too much information and can be slow refreshing data. We would like to know if there is a best practice for adding links into a Kibana board for the purpose of linking particular drill downs using hyperlinks. I have seen you can modify a field to be a hyperlink which for our use case seems to be just a workaround, just looking to see if anyone has a better method for adding links.



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Hey @Cameron_Herring, internally we've used a Markdown visualization to perform similar purposes. The beats dashboards do exactly this. If you're looking to link to a specific Dashboard, you can use a URL similar to the following which will load a dashboard based on it's title, as opposed to ID:


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