Link Field in Kibana?

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Hey guys,
A few months ago I worked on something using the ELK stack. I never got extremely close to what was happening on Kibana, but I specifically remember there being a link field for Kibana visualisations. We were using the ID of each visualization as the "link" to where to go if the visualization was clicked on. I know they were using a few plugins such as num-health-metric and health-metric, but other than that I am not sure. Does this ring any bells? I can't find anything on it and it would be beneficial for me to find it.

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Not sure I follow, can you explain what the feature did a little more? Was it just turning field values into links in the UI? If so that sounds like field formatters.

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Like I said, I didn't really deal with Kibana too much in the past so sorry for being vague with my question. From what I remember it was in the JSON of the visualization. So if an ID of one of my dashboards is Dashboard-1-Test, then in the link field for the visualization if you put "Dashbaord-1-Test" as the value it would redirect to that specific ID.

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Hmmm sorry, it doesn't ring a bell for me. You can link Visualizations to saved searches, but I'm not aware of any feature that linked visualizations to dashboards. It could be that there was a community plugin I'm unaware of.

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"params": {
    "handleNoResults": true,
    "fontSize": 30,
    "fontColor": "white",
    "redColor": "#E51010",
    "yellowColor": "#FF8000",
    "greenColor": "#22A222",
    "greyColor": "#767676",
"greenThreshold": 2,
"yellowThreshold": 3,
"redThreshold": 4
"aggs": [{
    "id": "1",
    "enabled": true,
    "type": "avg",
    "schema": "metric",
    "params": {
        "customLabel": "TO_BE_MODIFIED_BY_DASHBOARD_MANAGER"  
"listeners": {}


Luckily I found one of our vis templates. That seems to be a plugin, doesn't it? I believe this was with 5.1

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Yeah, that looks like something custom to me.

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