How to add a link / URL to a Dashboard


assume I have two Dashboard, D1 and D2, with D1 being my primary Dashboard.

I want to add a link / URL to D1, so I can click on it (button, Visualization or otherwise), so D2 opens up, preferably as a new window ?

Is that possible at all, and if so how ?

Thanks in advance.

You can create a Markdown visualization that contains a link. In the link, use the url that is exposed on the Share rollout for the target dashboard.

Sample markdown:

[dashboard 2](https://localhost:5601/uzf/app/kibana#/dashboard/a029ad60-de98-11e6-b68c-8759d1776a87)

Yes, that did the trick. The only thing that needs to be done is, you need to encode your URL due to a defect with Markdowns. Change ( to %28 and ) to %29 in your URL and it works.


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