Create a table of links to dashboards in Kibana

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I've a couple of dashboards created in Kibana. I want to create a "table of contents" on the home page dashboard, that will navigate to a new dashboard on its click. I'm using Kibana version 6.3. Can anyone please suggest how to do this or guide to me any particular links that depict how to do this?


How about using a markdown visualisation?
There are a few discussions regarding this.
For example --> How to add a link / URL to a Dashboard

@AClerk Can I somehow give an alias to the markdown created? It kind of looks ugly when there's a whole hyperlink lurking on the dashboard.


Read about markdown -

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@AClerk Also, one more quick question, in the hyperlink used, can any pre-default filters be applied on time? In the sense, my dashboard doesn't have any indexed data in the last 15 minutes. So I want the dashboard to open in a default time range for the last one year. However when I access the dashboard using a markdown link, it opens by default for only the last 15 minutes.

@AClerk I just found that, if the dashboard opens in a new tab, the time filters are reset, and when that option is disabled, the time filter remains intact, so that works for me.

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