Add notes to data points

I would like to find a way to add analysis notes to visualized data points. In the mockup below, I show an example of what would be awesome to have along with our visualized data, notations regarding the analysis of the data. This would help out team see the analysis notes that might have been created by another engineer who already performed the analysis.

Before (Current design)

After (Desired design)

Does anyone know of a way to add details (comments, notes) to existing datapoints?

Hey, can do with the time series visual builder (but not the other visualizations atm) Takes some configuration, but hope that helps, let me know if you dive in and there's any issues with it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response @jbudz. I just watched a video on annotations and it seemed to show that the annotations were calculated. I need the ability for a human to come, after the event has already been recorded in Elastic, and add manual comments at specific, visualized data points. Basically documenting post analysis finding done by the manual engineer. I need these comments stored so any user looking at the same visualization (same dat and time as well) can see these comments.

Do you still think Annotations are the right way to do this?


@jbudz Do you still think Annotations will work for my needs based upon my comments above?

@Brandon_Kobel, you always have great feedback and wise words. What do you think about my questions above? Would you have a different suggestion?

Thank you,

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