Add single filter ratio column to data table lens

Hoping for some help here...
I have created a lens data table visualisation where I have a number of filters defining the rows in the table and a number of filters summing various criteria for the columns.
I want to add another column but I want this format to be a % based on a filter criteria / sum of total of another field in that grouping.

I can't seem to be able to do this in latest version of Kibana, and I can't use TSVB because the terms in which I want to group the data by is based on a collection of different values.


Visited Purchased % Purchased
CustomerGroupX 10 1 10.0%
CustomerGroupY 20 15 75.0%
CustomerGroupZ 50 34 68.0%
![image 588x148](upload://e7bBUiMpqb4trDmKLRTg08J0GI9.png)

Lens formula should you allow to do this by using the overall_sum function (similar to the "percent of total" example here: Create visualizations with Lens | Kibana Guide [8.2] | Elastic )

Hey...thank you for the reply. Unless I'm missing something glaringly obvious in the configuration of the lens I can't seem to get this to work.
It seems to add the % calculation to each column in the table. I only want to add it as an individual column.

For example

What I want
Visited Purchased Converted
CustomerGroupX 10 1 10.0%
CustomerGroupY 20 15 75.0%
CustomerGroupZ 50 34 68.0%
What I get
Visited Purchased Converted
CustomerGroupX 10 x.xx% 1 y.y%
CustomerGroupY 20 x.x% 15 y.y%
CustomerGroupZ 50 x.x% 34 y.y%

I'm guessing at your configuration but try removing the "Columns" configuration entirely (this is like a pivot table so it'll repeat the metrics for each pivot which it sounds like you don't want)....then, name each metric "Visited" "Purchased" "Converted" - you can write a filter for each metric under advanced options if you need it.

I owe you a pint! This has worked a treat! Thank you a thousand times

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