Adding 2 button on Kibana discover page and enable it

I want to add 2 button in discover page to call external HTTP API from our server, because I need the wonderful filter bar to add params to my request.
I've successfully added the 2 button in
and called our external API correctly in "local" dev environment,
but after I replaced the discover.js on our kibana server with the modified one and restart kibana service, the discover page did not update.

I'm using ES/kibana 6.8.6, and I'm sure that my local env use the same version.
*Install by rpm

What should I do to update the discover page source?
Or I know that develop a plugin may be the better way but is there a way to copy full discover page to my plugin and I can add another button to it?

Oops, I only need to build my kibana rpm from my modified source and install it. It works, thanks.

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