Can I just have a button that links me from a dashboard to the discover page?

I'm using my dashboard to drill down and get to the import events.

Now that I've drilled down I want to actually see some of the raw events in their entirety.

Weirdly there isn't a button I can click to link me to the discover page for this query.

I've been manually copying the URL and posting it into the discover page as per this SO post:

There has to be a better way right?

You can add a saved-search table that shows the results in the dashboard, will that work?

not really because for the table I have to pick and choose which fields I want it to display right? I really just want jump to the Discover page. I use the visual elements to drill down to a subset of event, but often want to see some of the actually events. It'd just be a nicer experience to have a button instead of saving the url and pasting

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