Getting to discovery from dashboard

I have a saved search on the Kibana Discovery page. Based on that search I've created a bar chart visualization. In the visualization there is a "Linked to Saved Search".

The visualization is used in a Dashboard. Now, the dashboard visualization does not contain a link to the saved search.

How do I obtain a link on the dashboard to the saved search which the visualization is based on? Let's say I have a visualization of an error count. When I click that visualization I would like to get to the discovery page showing those errors.

Hi @skf,

thanks for your question. It's currently not possible to do that but we are working on a concept called "Actions" that will enable these kinds of features. Feel free to drop a feature request in our Github repository, this will raise awareness for your issue.

To sort of work around the issue now, you can create a separate markdown visualization containing just a link to the saved search in question and place it besides the saved search based visualization on the dashboard. You would have to manually keep the link in the markdown vis and the saved search of the visualization in sync.

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