Adding tab to discover (core plugin)

Hi there,

I'd like to add some functionality to one of the core plugins, namely "discover". I changed the controller a little bit with an additional tab to open a ticket in our ticket system. And I was wondering if it's possible to put the code in a plugin rather than adding code to the existing sources.

I've put the code in the topNavMenu:

$scope.topNavMenu = [{
}, {
key: 'ticket',
description: 'Create ticket',
template: require('plugins/kibana/discover/partials/create_ticket.html'),
testId: 'discoverTicketButton'

The template and the submit of the form are calling some additional methods at the bottom of the controller, but I presume these are rather easy to extract into a plugin. But I am wondering if it's possible to access the topNavMenu from there.

It is not possible to modify an existing kibana angular controller from within a plugin


no its possible, i think @CarlKnutsen is talking about plugin navbarExtensions

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