Adding an additional PVC without resetting the entire cluster

Hi. I have Elastic Stack on self-hosted kubernetes. It is managed by the Elastic operator. I have 3 replicas.

I would like to add an additional VolumeClaimTemplate to them, which will be responsible for holding snapshots, done with sln (snapshot lifecycle management). I know how to add this to make it work, however, it requires completely removing Kind: Elasticsearch and deploy it on the cluster again. Is there any way to not remove the entire cluster and the continuity of elastic is preserved?

I tried in such a way that:

  1. i delete kind: elasticsearch, keeping all the stuff created by it
    kubectl delete elasticsearch test-stack --cascade=orphan
  2. then I delete statefulset, which is what Elasticsearch creates, keeping the pods running
    kubectl delete sts test-stack--cascade=orphan
    3 I upload a new version of Elasticsearch
    kubectl apply -f new-elastic.yaml
    4 I reset the pods ( and at this point I have a problem, because when I reset one pod the other 2 automatically shut down as well, causing a downtime in elstic's operation for a few-something minutes).