Adding Custom Notifications


How can I show custom messages using Kibana's existing notifications (the red dropdowns that show errors)? What I need to do is display notifications based thresholds. Since I am using Elastalert for email based notifications I also need to trigger a visual notification. This feature is needed for real time monitoring.

Was thinking of introducing a webhook or API call that can handle this. Any advise on how this can be done or any existing work others are doing (I've googled a lot but no luck :frowning: ). If thi can be done I can modify Elastalert to perform an API call. Alternatively can use some other application that would trigger Kibana acting on Elastalerts email.

I am using the free version of Kibana, so I am going to have to do a custom development. Just need to know how.


hi @azhamn,

from the description it is not entirely clear what you would like to do. are you trying to modify the vizualizations so you can identify tresholds?

a couple screenshots would be nice

but before getting into custom development, is the WatcherUI useful to you at all? (

Hi @thomasneirynck,

It seems watcher is not available in the free version of Kibana. We are only using the open source version of kibana with any open source plugins.

Let me try and describe the scenario better. Take the following timelion as an example:

In this there is a threshold value that has been defined. If the response time exceeds that threshold, Elastalert is configured to send out an email. Along with that email I want a popup notification to appear on screen saying this threshold has exceeded (along with some other information).

What I need to know is how I can trigger a notification like this:

based on some custom event. Maybe I can make customisation for a notification like that to popup based on an API call I can expose in Kibana.

Can you point to to where in the code (or code sample) on how this notification can be triggered.

Hope my intentions are clear.


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