Adding label for different parts of timelion

(Aditya Gupta) #1

I am using .min method in kibana timelion. My string is something like this:
.es().bars(stack=false).color(#F44336), .min(.es(), 25).bars(stack=false).color(#8BC34A)
This is taken from

Now, I am able to create this graph but unable to label the 2 parts correctly.

Also, if I use .label('my label') it only works for the green part, not the red part.
I want to label both of them individually.

(kulkarni) #2

I have not experimented much with labels in Timelion, but I can cross link to a post which explains generation of Timelion labels dynamically .. hope this helps,


(Aditya Gupta) #3

Thank you!!
That is useful, but not in my case. I ended up creating the same graph with a different approach. I used .if() clauses for creating graphs.

(kulkarni) #4

Am glad your solution worked for your case. Thanks for sharing.


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