Adding MS Teams connector to an alert

I was able to create a connector of type Microsoft Teams. I expected to find documentation for how to configure a watcher where the action would be "teams" or something. The only thing I have found is for Webhook action Watcher actions | Elasticsearch Guide [7.13] | Elastic. It's interesting that under supported actions "Microsoft Teams" is not listed.

I can figure out how to do the whole thing using the more generic WebHook Connector, but that kind of defeats the point of the connector screen letting you create a "Microsoft Teams" specific connector. Has anyone seen the documentation specifically for how to define an action using the teams connector?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Kohlman , I'm thinking you created a connector via the Kibana Connectors management UI? If so, those connectors can be used in Kibana Alerting but not via Watcher.

You can try different rule types and integrate those with MS Teams.

That is exactly what I did. Thanks for the info about not being compatible with Watcher.

I did try to create a Webhook via the UI to Teams, but when I try to "test" it, it fails. I've tried both PUT and POST. also tried adding content-type application/json . . . before I get too crazy, do you know if you can use webhook for Teams? @mikecote

Thanks in advance,

I figured it out. The body has to be json like {"text" : "hello world"} and you do need the header Content-type = application/json

Not the greatest documentation from Microsoft on what else is supported.

@Kohlman , In general, yes the webhook connector can work with basic endpoints. I'm glad to hear you were able to figure it out, though! We have an official Microsoft Teams connector as of 7.11 (Microsoft Teams connector and action | Kibana Guide [7.13] | Elastic) which can also help make the integration easier.

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