Adding new relic support to elasticsearch as a Windows service

I am adding new relic support to Elasticsearch on Windows. After adding -javaagent, ES starts up fine when invoked from CMD. But it will not start as a service. The error in system log viewer is "Incorrect Function". The error in "C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\Apache\commons-daemon.2022-05-25.log" is "Missing service ImageFile". Any idea why ES won't start as a service? Is there a parameter that can be passed to Elasticsearch-service-x64.exe or an env variable set (e.g. PR_STARTIMAGE, PR_STOPIMAGE) that can eliminate the issue? How can I get all parameters that Elasticsearch-service-x64.exe supports? I have successfully added new relic support to other components (e.g. tomcat, wildfly, ...) and have verified that -javaagent is correct and accessible and JAVA_HOME contains no spaces.

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I am not sure we can help here, as we don't support this approach ourselves and you may need to ask newrelic.

Thanks. I have opened a support ticket with them. How can I find out all the parameters that Elasticsearch-service-x64.exe supports?

Install Elasticsearch with .zip on Windows | Elasticsearch Guide [8.2] | Elastic goes into that.

Neither 8.2.0 nor 8.2.1 have any file named guide in them (or .doc or *.pdf). I downloaded from here: Download Elasticsearch | Elastic

I don't understand what you mean there sorry.

Sorry for not being clear. I unzipped both versions and searched the file system for any file with the name "guide" in it or with the extension of doc* or PDF and found none.

We don't ship documentation with the code, it's all on the website.

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