Adding screenshots to cases


An awesome enhancement to SIEM would be the ability to paste screenshots in the created cases. Although the timeline is a handy thing, a quick screenshot makes things a lot more clear. Is this a feature that would be doable to add to Elastic SIEM? Let me know and I'd be happy to create a feature request.



Hi @willemdh
FWIW, you can do it right now.. we just do not offer image hosting in Kibana SIEM (yet). If you host the image elsewhere, you can use Markdown image formatting to insert it in the Kibana case. For example:


I'm not sure where this currently is on our roadmap if at all, feel free to submit a feature request here:

@stephmilovic Thanks for your answer. Because I'm not really looking forward to having to setup my own image hosting webserver (also need authentication and authorization), I created GH feature request

Thank you so much for submitting the feature request @willemdh . I will make sure this gets in front of our product manager to get prioritized.

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