Additional Elastic Agent Integrations needed

We are current users of Elastic stack and are using FileBeat modules to assist with parsing of data. We have begun to review the Elastic Agent and have found there are several additional integrations that are available which are not available via FileBeat.

While there are more options available, we would like to see additional integrations made available so ALL of our log data that we ingest would be parsed correctly. Below are the additional log sources where we would like to see additional Elastic Integrations. Any chance these are in the works? Are there others out there that would use these too? If some of these already exist and I've missed them somehow, please let me know.

Cisco ACI
Cisco NXOS
Cisco SourceFire
Cisco UCS
Genetec Security Desk

You mean, integrations that are available on Elastic Agent, but are not available as Filebeat modules?

I think that this is expected, the goal of Elastic is to replace the beats with Elastic Agent integrations, so I would not expect that all integrations available in Elastic Agent would be ported over as Filebeat modules.

You can check the available integrations in this documentation and also on the integrations repository, if the ones you mentioned are not present on none of those places, than probably they do not exist.

You may create an issue on the Github repository asking for integrations for those tools.

I understand that Elastic Agent will contain more integrations to various systems than there are Filebeat modules and I do not expect those to be ported to Filebeat. I was simply stating that Elastic Agent has many more integrations available than Filebeat does today. Even with the additional integrations that are available, there are some key ones that we feel are missing which would help us in our environment.

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