Where is Filestream integration?

I'm Using fleet and elastic-agent integration for collecting logs, and I recently discovered a warning from elastic_agent.filebeat, stating that logs inputs are deprecated and to use filetream inputs instead.

Fine with me, but there is no Filestream Integration package available, only custom log.

Even if Custom Filestream Log is referenced as an integration : Custom Filestream Logs | Elastic docs

And filestream is no where to be found on github package repository : https://github.com/elastic/integrations/tree/main/packages/filestream

So what is happening here, should we wait for Replace logfile input using filestream input in all packages · Issue #2495 · elastic/integrations · GitHub to be done and log integration migrated to filestream ? or is there a real custom filestream log integration somewhere ?

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We want to migrate all integrations to filestream, however doing that in an automatic way for existing installations requires some enhancements to Filebeat itself to avoid unnecessary data duplication.

Specifically we need to build a way to automatically migrate entries in the Filebeat registry from the log input format to the filestream format. We are actively working on enabling that, [Design]Automate the migration of `log` input states to `filestream` · Issue #31749 · elastic/beats · GitHub is one of the key pieces. A brief overview of the registry itself can be found in How Filebeat works | Filebeat Reference [8.6] | Elastic

For now keep using the integration as is and we will provide a way to migrate to filestream easily in the near future.


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